Yukon Orienteering is hosting an event; September 15 event cancelled; annual Night-O event on September 24

The Yukon Orienteering Association held an event on September 1 in Copper Ridge.

Through Morris Prokop to September 9, 2021

The Yukon Orienteering Association held an event on September 1 in Copper Ridge. The meet organizer and course planner was Craig Brooks, with assistance from Benoit Turcotte, Dave Hildes and Bryn Knight.

A sunny and cooler day welcomed 41 orienteers, many of whom rode higher than usual courses.

Copper Ridge is green/light in part and lighter green in other places. Lots of cut lines, old power lines and a network of trails created challenges, with lots of rocks and mounds.

With the green, the courses were a little shorter than usual, with Forest Pearson taking the best Elite time.

The Expert and Advanced courses had a misplaced control flag (but the ribbon was in the right place!).

Further research indicated the existence of a parallel hill, not on the map, reinforcing our “there is no perfect map” (or course planner!).

The map is updated in this area for future use. Some found the flag, some found the ribbons, some found both, about 50 yards apart.

Thanks to the owners of Lobird for permission to cross their property to access the trail system.

The organizers also acknowledge that part of the map used for this event is KDFN settlement land, used under a land use agreement between YOA and KDFN.

In addition, an event scheduled for September 15 was canceled due to lack of availability of the organizers.

The annual Night-O event is scheduled for September 24 in Long Lake.

Sections of plastic pipe with reflective tape will be used. The event takes place on a Friday to accommodate junior participants.

– Submitted by Craig Brook

September 1 results:

Beginner, 6

Olivier Kralisch-Seguin 23:08

Lise Klein 30:47

Maud Henaff 30:47

Maura Glenn 77:02
Elvire Knack 77:02

Anett Kralisch No time

Intermediate, 13

Declan Sage 32:52
Rachel Moser 32:52

Rima Kouri 37:41
Ian Turcotte 37:41

Georgi Pearson 37:54

Emily Nishikawa 46:00
Joan Stanton 46:00
Bob Nishikawa 46:00

Kris Gardner47:27
Daryl Kenney 47:27

Deb Kiemele 50:46

Gwen Hogen 86:03
Ev Pasichnyk 86:03

Dino J. Dotson