Yukon Orienteering Association is having a meeting; upcoming virtual banquet and silent auction

The Yukon Orienteering Association (YOA) hosted a Type B competition Aug. 18 at Ear Lake, west of Miles Canyon, outside of Whitehorse.

Through freelance to August 26, 2021

The Yukon Orienteering Association (YOA) hosted a Type B competition Aug. 18 at Ear Lake, west of Miles Canyon, outside of Whitehorse.

About fifty people took part in the event. The course was designed by Benoit Turcotte, supervised by Afan Jones and Eric Blake. Turcotte and Jones were the organizers of the meeting.

This event took place on an old map little used by the orienteering association.

The registration desk was located at the Miles Canyon lookout, a great spot with a great view of the scenery. Each course offered some level of challenge, given the thick vegetation, fallen trees and rolling terrain.

Most of the attendees must have used the old railway line at some point and could testify that the bushes and trees are now taking over, a good reminder of the power of nature.

A bear with two cubs was seen by four participants on the southern tip of the map, but subsequent participants did not report anything, and the bear likely moved to a more peaceful location.

The weather forecast suggested it might rain, but that didn’t happen, and some blue skies were even spotted as the event wrapped up, just before 9 p.m.

In addition, the YOA will hold a virtual banquet at 5 p.m. on Sunday, August 29, followed by a silent auction. Funds raised from the auction support Team Canada athletes.


Novice course: 2.7 km

Ian Turcotte 0:34:41
Maya Poirier 0:41:30
Valerie Bussieres 0:41:30
Fisher Scheck 0:51:17
Barbara Scheck 0:51:17
Jonathan Kerr 1:02:47
Charles Kerr 1:02:47
Gwen Hogan 2:25:50
Elvire Knaack 2:37:06
Maura Glenn 2:37:06

Intermediate course: 2.8 km

Jeremy Johnson 0:33:04
Anneke Aasman 0:39:31
Carl Turcotte 0:42:47
Pierre Esquivel 0:46:29
Cascia Krolczyk 0:46:38
Lara Melnik 0:46:43
Rachel Moser 0:51:07
Declan Sage 0:51:07
Deb Kiemele 0:51:57
Karin Keeley Eriksson 0:52:40
Kristi Horton0:52:59
Mallory Horton 0:52:59
Emily Nishikawa 0:58:29
Bob Nishikawa 0:58:29
Jess O’Reilly 0:58:41
Trinity Miles 0:58:41
Kieran Horton 1:00:36
Esther Aasman 1:04:52
Sarah Aasman 1:04:52
Chris Hack 1:07:50
Darryl Kenney 1:52:48
Wendy Nixon No time
Craig Brooks DNF
Nesta Leduc DNF

Advanced route: 3.1 km

Philippa McNeil 0:47:01
Bob Sagar 1:14:55
Sara Nielsen 1:21:09
Judith van Gulick 1:21:09
Sabrina Bouayad 1:25:14
Rima Kouri 1:30:55
Sabine Schweiger 1:35:03
Grant Abbott 1:42:28
Nick Rosenberg 2:33:51
Doug Hitch 2:34:09
Pauline Gallinat DNF
Melissa Halpenny DNF
Julianna Scramstad DNF

Expert course: 4.1 km

Leif Blake 0:59:00
Darren Holcombe 1:20:17
Brian Horton 1:36:43

Submitted by Benoît Turcotte

Dino J. Dotson