Yukon Orienteering Association Hosts Yukon University Gathering

A total of 36 participants came out on a cool, wet summer evening on July 27.

By freelance on August 4, 2022

A total of 36 participants came out on a cool, wet summer evening on July 27. All courses featured scenic terrain in and around the Stinky Lake/Bald Hill area, while long advanced course participants also enjoyed the controls in the Rabbit’s Foot Canyon area. The courses were physical with many steep climbs to get your heart pumping!.

Thank you to all the volunteers who participated in this meeting. Kris Gardner and Craig Brooks recorded. Dave Hildes, Sabine Schweiger, Sara Nielsen and Jeremy Johnson helped with the dismantling. Dave Hildes, Sabine Schweiger and Craig Brooks assisted with the check collection. The meeting organizers were Virginia Sarrazin and Bob Sagar.

Beginner 1.7km 11 controls 6 Participant

Iliana Koh and Adelle Sternbergh 35:21
Linden Cronmiller, Fischer, Aven and Barbara Scheck 41:09

Intermediate 2.3km 12 controls 15 Participants

Rima Khouri, Ian and Carl Turcotte 35:02
Deb Kiemele 62:31
Kris Gardner 64:32
Emily Nishikawa and Gerard Garnier 52:12
Rachel Moser and Evan Wise 71:41
Gwen Hogan, Ev Pasichnyk and Karen Archbell 132:48
Glenda Koh DNF
Karin Keelyey-Eriksson and David Keeley DNF

Short Advanced 3.8 km 10 controls 9 participants

Benoit Turcotte 54:31
Emily Stewart-Jones 61:51
Afan Jones 64:14
Jeremy Johnson 68:25
Sabine Schweiger 97:13
Grant Abbott 106:45
Julianna Scramstad 133:22
Nesta Leduc DNF
Sara Nielsen DNF

Expert 5.0km 13 controls 6 participants

David Bakker60:51

Dino J. Dotson