Vera Fantasy Tower Orientation Event

The Tower of Fantasy Vera Orienteering Event began as a prelude to Vera’s first major expansion to the game, bringing with it a new map and the cyberpunk city of Mirroria to explore. The Tower of Fantasy Vera Orienteering Event allows you to complete global events in exchange for unique rewards, read here to find out how to participate.

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Tower of Fantasy Vera Orientation Event: How to Register

All players can access the first phase of the new Vera Orienteering event in Tower of Fantasy until the end of the event on October 11.

To access the event, tap the gift box icon in the top right of the screen (hold down ALT to do this if playing on PC). In the menu, click on the ‘Vera Orienteering’ tab at the bottom of the screen.

This will take you to the event menu where you can access the event phases and the Journey store where you can exchange the currency (proof of contribution tickets) earned during the event for rewards.

Tower of Fantasy Vera Orienteering: first phase

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The Vera Orienteering event consists of three stages. The third stage is currently locked, the other two being phase 1 of the entrusted investigation and phase 2 of the cleanup agreement.

The first phase will require you to defeat five Hyena Thugs in exchange for 600 proof of contribution or open three password chests in exchange for 500 proof of contribution.

With Phase Two unlocked, you can open three additional Password Chests for 500 Proof of Contribution and defeat any area boss twice for 700 Proof of Contribution. These phases reset daily if you want to complete them and save money for the reward shop.

You will need Tokens used to unlock Password Chests and get the rewards.

Tower of Fantasy Vera Orienteering: Hyena Thugs

Tower of Fantasy Hyena Thugs Locations
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Hyena Thugs are a common enemy found throughout the Astra area of ​​the map. Thugs often appear as small, green-haired enemies wearing gas masks. You will be able to find thugs in small fortresses in Astra, they also patrol the waterfront in small groups in Astra.

Tower of Fantasy Vera Orienteering: Phase 2

Vera Tower of Fantasy Orientation Event: Phase Two Bosses
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The task of the Phase Two Cleanse Deal is to defeat World Bosses Lucia and Sobek in exchange for Warp Energy Cells. You will need to reach Wanderer level 50 before entering phase two of the event.

Warp Energy Cells are shared across the server. For each milestone, players on that server will earn black crystals for their contributions.

Defeating bosses will reward you with 500 Warp Energy Cells each time, this will be rewarded regardless of the method you use to open the reward chests.

If you don’t have a group of your own, it’s possible to join other players who are taking on the world bosses. To do this, locate a player in chat who is battling, click on their profile, and select “Join Team” to request access to their party. You can take on a boss solo, but they’re extremely difficult to tackle alone.

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Dino J. Dotson