The University of Bolton helps Anderton Council and Center deliver the HAF Project

The University of Bolton has come to the aid of the Anderton Center to help provide arrangements for school holidays.

The university loaned the Anderton Center – which offers outdoor learning activities on water and land – a minibus to transport youngsters to and from its remote High Rid Reservoir near Lostock.

The Anderton Center has been directly commissioned by Bolton City Council to organize activities as part of its Holiday Activities & Food (HAF) programme.

The HAF program is funded by the Department for Education and co-ordinated locally by Bolton Council.

It supports children and families on the benefits of free school meals with “free fun and creative sessions featuring sports, games, physical activity and food for at least four hours a day, four days a day. week” during the summer holidays.

The University of Bolton minibus

The £1.5m funding from the Department for Education means everything is provided free of charge.

The project also promotes healthy eating and has gained support from Marcus Rashford, The Food Foundation, National Food Strategy, The Food People, Fix Our Food and many partner institutions, parents, guardians and children across the country.

Bolton Council requested that, due to the remoteness of High Rid, Anderton include transport in its bid.

The Anderson Center approached the University for help, which they did using one of their minibuses – the Anderton Center is part of the University of Bolton Band.

David Germain, CEO of Anderton, said: “We were struggling to find a vehicle for this year’s program, and it looked like we couldn’t facilitate the program.

“We are extremely grateful to the University of Bolton for the loan of their vehicle.

“This will allow us to deliver to 320 youngsters over the next four weeks. Otherwise, many simply would not have had these opportunities.”

The Bolton News: Young people at Anderton Center as part of the HAF projectYoung people at the Anderton Center as part of the HAF project

The Anderton Center program offers physical activities related to social well-being, helping to connect and rebuild social skills and provide inclusive activities for young people.

The program also supports emotional well-being and mental health through activities that develop and develop aspirations and cultivate vital skills such as teamwork, confidence, self-esteem and creativity.

Activities include sailing, raft building, giant paddle boarding, sit-on-top kayaking, canoeing, orienteering and problem solving.

Dino J. Dotson