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HSC 2021 students study together in the beautiful bush setting of Korowal School. Photo provided

All our graduates are wonderful human beings

Each year, as another cohort of Korowal students graduate, leaving the school halls behind, teachers wonder what will be the next step in their life’s adventure.

Luckily for Korowal, their students have a sense of belonging that extends beyond their school years, and they often host visiting alumni eager to give back by sharing their experience and skills with new students.

The families stay in touch, reflecting excitedly on their ongoing accomplishments and it brings the story together for the Korowal staff.

Witnessing confident and bright humans reflecting on what they have to offer is a reflection of the school’s goal, towards a sustainable world.

Principal Barb Fitzgerald says of the 2021 graduation year, “Unsurprisingly, under the constant support and guidance of their teachers, friends and families, our 2021 grade 12 cohort achieved outstanding personal results with 14% winning ATARS in the top 10%. of State.

“Many achieved personal bests in all subjects, while some just passed exams, completely ‘outdated’ the experience by the end of the year and not at all concerned about it.

“All of our graduates are wonderful human beings capable of affecting change.”

As is often the case, Korowal graduates have made important life decisions, taking into account their well-being, strengths, abilities, purpose and passion.

Some students continue their studies directly while others take a gap year to travel and discover new places, or undertake paid work and save, and pursue interests informally by participating in choirs, volunteering or playing with other local artists. The last three years of graduates who embark on study work towards qualifications in a wide range of fields, including law, architecture, design, physics, humanities, business and archeology , to name a few.

Understanding the learning process is central to education in Korowal. “It’s an upbringing with care that involves community, academic skills, relationships and emotional intelligence,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

A recent Korowal graduate said of her Pathways HSC experience in Korowal, “It’s really a community in Korowal, with a friendly atmosphere and a style of teaching that I like.

“Here you learn to grow in yourself instead of being told who you should be”.

Dino J. Dotson