The Bray Head Orienteering Challenge will take place this weekend

If you think you know Bray, an orienteering on Sunday October 2 might prove you wrong.

The Eastern Navigators Club invites anyone wishing to try the sport. There will be three courses that adventurers can tackle using their map and compass reading skills: “Long” is 5.6 kilometers and has 15 checkpoints, “Medium” is 4 km, with 12 checkpoints. control and the “Short” course is 1.8 km long with 10 checkpoints.

The iconic Bray headland with its mix of forest and open mountain with trails everywhere is where the technical course will be laid out.

The organizers say this year they are using the southern end of Bray Head, which is a more open mountain than the forest at the northern end.

Parts of the long and medium route cross ankle-deep gorse, so gaiters are strongly recommended, as are suitable orienteering shoes. There is no gorse on the short course but there is a fence crossing where young children under 8 may need help or supervision.

Parking will be a lot next to the R761 road between Bray and Greystones and will be clearly signposted from the R761.

The entrance price varies from €5 reduction to €15 for a family of two adults and three children.

Please note that part of the area used, including the car park, is on a working dairy farm (most of the Bray Head area itself is separated from the farm by a gated fence), the owners dogs should therefore be vigilant for any cattle with young calves.

Orienteering is an adventure sport. Competitors participate at their own risk. Competitors taking part are advised to bring any necessary equipment to an event and to wear appropriate clothing. Please respect the environment and make sure you leave the area the same way you found it. All results will be uploaded to the IOA results webpage after the event. This will include name, club, class and time.

For more details visit the Orienteering Ireland website:

Dino J. Dotson