Sweden clearly won the Sprint Relay in Borås

Sweden secured a superior victory in the sprint relay World Cup on Sunday afternoon as central Borås hosted the world’s elite in orienteering for the second day in a row.

The sun was shining as all 57 teams were sent out onto the streets of Borås, with the Swedish, Swiss and Norwegian teams the favorites to win on the final day of the opening round of the World Cup.

And aside from the first few minutes of the first leg, Sweden 2 were in the lead throughout and ended up winning 36 seconds ahead of Switzerland 1 with Sweden 1 still 24 seconds behind.

Lina Strand ran the first leg for Sweden 2 and entered the exchange with a margin of 22 seconds. Sweden 1 (Max Peter Bejmer) and Switzerland 1 (Joey Hadorn) caught a few seconds on Martin Regborn in the second leg.

But on stage three the stint was well and truly decided, when Emil Svensk increased the lead to almost 40 seconds, making smart route choices and continuing at a high pace ahead of Matthias Kyburz and Gustav Bergman .

Karolin Ohlsson remained calm on stage four for Sweden 2 and victory was never in doubt – instead the battle for second place ignited. Elena Roos and Tove Alexandersson were neck and neck until the penultimate check, where Roos chose the quickest route, thus deciding the battle.

Andrine Benjaminsen rode the final half of the final stage alone for Norway 1, crossing the finish line 16 seconds behind Tove Alexandersson.

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The World Cup continues at the European Orienteering Championships in Estonia in early August, which serves as Round 2.

The world championships in Denmark are less than a month away. The first WOC competition is Sprint Relay in Kolding, June 26e.

TOP6 results

1. Sweden 2, 55:20 (Strand, Regborn, E. Svensk, Ohlsson)
2. Switzerland 1, 55:56 (Aebersold, Hadorn, M. Kyburz, Roos)
3. Sweden 1, 56:20 (Lundberg, Bejmer, Bergman, Alexandersson)
4. Norway 1, 56:36 (Dyrkorn, Eidsmo, Fosser, Benjaminsen)
5. Switzerland 2, 56:56 (E. Gemperle, M. Hubmann, Rancan, Hauswirth)
6. Great Britain 1, 57:06 (Ward, Crickmore, Lawson, Carter Davies)

Photos: FOI/William Hollowell

Dino J. Dotson