Sprint Relay added to modified JWOC program in Portugal

This is an updated news article on the JWOC program – see the original July 9 article below:

Athletes at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Portugal will run a sprint relay in addition to the individual sprint in the modified JWOC schedule.

On Friday, it was decided to postpone the forest races to the championships due to the extreme risk of fires. The risk has led the Portuguese government to completely ban access to its forests from Friday July 8 – and so far until Friday July 15,

Since then, local organizers have worked closely with the International Orienteering Federation to create an alternative running program. And thanks to a quick and unanimous decision by the IOF Council, the sprint relay will take place on Wednesday July 13 as the official medal race – the first-ever sprint relay at a JWOC.

The IOF Council has also allowed each nation to participate with two teams in the Sprint Relay, which will have the running order Female-Male-Male-Female.

The two sprint races will therefore take place at Arena Carapito, where the individual sprint takes place on Monday.

The current ban on forestry activities is due to expire on Friday, July 15. If not extended, one of the Forest Races will take place on Saturday, July 16. A decision will be made within the week.

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Modified JWOC program:
Monday July 11: Sprint
Wednesday July 13: sprint relay
(Friday July 15: Urban Sprint Relay – no official JWOC race)

original article
The total ban on access to the forest issued by the Portuguese government postpones JWOC2022 Forest distances

Due to the extreme risk of fire, which has developed over the past two days, resulting in multiple
forest fires in various regions of Portugal, the Portuguese government has issued a total ban on access
in its forests from Friday July 8 – and so far until Friday July 15.

This has a serious impact on the Junior Orienteering World Championships.

The JWOC organizers and the local government, police and fire department worked closely together to be allowed to organize the
JWOC forest distances as expected, but unfortunately they got the final message, that it won’t be
to be allowed.

This means that the JWOC forest distances will be postponed to a time after the above
period mentioned.

The JWOC Sprint will be organized as planned and the IOF and JWOC organizers are currently
work together to schedule an additional JWOC sprint competition during JWOC week.
Information on this subject will be given as soon as the IOF Council has taken a decision on this subject.

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Dino J. Dotson