Rakvere to host European Orienteering Championships in summer | Sports

The competition was scheduled to take place in 2020, but has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. It will finally take place this year.

“It was a pretty complicated period, especially because the organizers were already there and ready the last time. People had made their plans and a lot of work was done to organize the European Championships, but we had to replace a significant part of the organizing team because it was not possible for people to wait two years, ”said Sixten Sild, board member of the Estonian Orienteering Association.

Sild said even the main organizer has now been replaced. “But we can use most of the work that we did, like the maps and the routes. A lot of things had to be put on hold for two years and things had to be rearranged. It was difficult,” Sild noted.

Estonia also hosted the European Orienteering Championships in 2006. “I would say that is a huge thing. [for the Estonian orienteering community]. Organizing this competition was hard work, but we took on the burden. This is a great source of motivation for our team and we are happy to see that some members of the national team, who previously thought about hanging up, are considering continuing. Their goal is to be part of the national team for the European Championships, ”said Sild.

The event will consist of a long distance, a medium distance and a relay. Event director Raido Jaan Rei told the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) that the organizers have chosen “one of the best examples of Estonian terrain for all our guests to enjoy and have fun”.

The IOF wrote that the land at Põlula-Miila is largely covered with forest and there are some nice and fast parts of spruce forest, but other parts of the land are very slow and demanding as the Farming areas can be overgrown and the grass is high in the second half of summer. Add in some wet marshes and some nice detailed relief and you have the perfect terrain for forest championships.

There will also be a spectator race called the Estonian Weekend, where fans and spectators can test their orienteering skills and compete on the same routes as elite athletes.

Find more information on the event web page.

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Dino J. Dotson