Polish couple move to Turkey to promote orienteering


A Polish couple who happen to be avid orienteers started residing in the northwestern province of İnegöl district in Bursa to promote alternative sports after falling in love with Turkey in their last two years. holidays.

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Pawel Biederman and Lilianna Biederman’s life changed when they first visited Alanya district in southern Antalya province five months ago with their 4-year-old daughter Suzanne.

“We had no idea of ​​the Turkish people when we first arrived here,” said Pawel Biederman, 50, sharing the experience of their first visit to the country.

Some time later, the couple planned another vacation in Turkey, during which they met Alper Taban, the mayor of İnegöl.

Two months ago, they started living in the facilities of the İnegöl Natural Sports Tourism Center (DOSTUM) with the help of Taban.

“We are living a happy life at our new address,” said Lilianna Biederman, 47.

“Even on our second visit to Alanya, we never thought we would decide to live here someday. We came here just for vacation. We love orienteering, and we were able to do it at İnegöl DOSTUM. We have therefore decided to stay in Turkey, ”she added.

Asked about their first impressions of the Turkish public, Pawel Biederman said: “When we first arrived in Turkey, we were afraid to leave the hotel. It was because of the prejudices of the European media.

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Then things changed when the couple saw the “real faces of the Turkish people”.

“Our thoughts changed when we met the people,” he added.

Emphasizing that Turkish families share a close bond, he said: “The Turks have protected their family structures. We had the same thing in Poland about 30 years ago, but now it is destroyed in Poland. It’s great to see that he is still present in Turkish society.

Dino J. Dotson