Orienteering Tasmania cancels Australian Championships | The Examiner

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After making the difficult decision to cancel the Australian Orienteering Championships in St Helens, Orienteering Tasmania has come up with a plan B. In a weekly newsletter to members, the state body said: “We recognize that this will be deeply disappointing to many in the Tasmanian orienteering community, including our schools’ team members.” But all is not lost. Our wonderful maps and routes are still there for us to enjoy – if not this year, then at some point in the future. “And in the meantime, please do not cancel your bookings at St Helens. Some of the planned events will be held as part of a local mini-carnival.” Anyone who attended AOC events will receive an email explaining how to get a refund and can re-enter the replacement event that OT calls the Carnival That Never Will Be. In addition, the newly established AOC cards are kept for the carnival which will certainly take place one day.


Dino J. Dotson