Orienteering SA Father’s Day bush event in South Australia’s beautiful Eden Valley

Yalanga Club at Orienteering South Australia invites you to enjoy the variety of Keynes Gap, Eden Valley this weekend.

Hot on the heels of the success of the North Burra Mid Distance Championships, Orienteering SA is pleased to announce its next Bush Orienteering event, to be held at Keynes Gap this weekend, Sunday 5th September.

To obtain a card, you will need to register or register your group before Wednesday September 1 via the Eventor booking site: https://eventor.orienteering.asn.au/Events/Show/16028

Open to everyone from beginners to elite orienteers, the beautiful Eden Valley course offers fast-paced racing over open terrain to the north, with the full gamut of rock features, from boulder clusters to majestic cliffs and ridges to the south. .

“This course goes to an area of ​​the Keynes Gap map that we rarely visit, the far north, with open courses combined with coves and rocky outcrops,” says course director Nigel Dobson.

“Come and see the rocks before some of them are slowly covered and lost in healthy regrowth along the ridges.”

Orienteering SA chairman Rob Tucker (also chairman of Yalanga, your host club for the Keynes Gap course), said orienteering has grown in popularity among all age groups since the start of the pandemic.

“We feel very lucky here in South Australia to have a very active and passionate guidance community able to visit some of the beautiful national parks in the state as well as private lands like Keynes Gap,” said Rob. “We make the most of every event and thank all landowners for giving us access to their land so we can continue to put on spectacular events.”

Keynes Gap Course Details

NB: The routes can be longer and higher depending on the choice of route.

Course no.



Course 1 – Difficult

7.9 kilometers


Course 2 – Difficult



Course 3 – Difficult



Lesson 4 – Difficult



Course 5 – Medium



Course 6 – Medium

2.9 kilometers


Lesson 7 – Easy



Lesson 8 – Very easy



About Orienteering SA
Orienteering SA (OSA) is the primary management body for orienteering in South Australia. OSA is affiliated with Orienteering Australia (OA), the national orienteering body. The aims of Orienteering SA mirror those of OA – to encourage, promote and coordinate the sport of orienteering.

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