Orienteering in Sherborne | Echo of Dorset

A NEW orienteering course is opening in Sherborne.

Dignitaries from Sherborne City Council and the Chairman of the Grove Surgical Patient Engagement Group will open the course at 2pm on July 30 at the Sherborne Library.

The initiative aims to encourage residents to increase physical activity and integrate the use of green spaces for activities and recreation. The course is a mix of rural and urban with open grasslands alongside the river where kingfishers and other wildlife can be seen.

Each course is laid with small plaques with letter codes at various points. Using a Maprun6 app or a waterproof map, you can walk or run the course with the aim of earning maximum points on as many plates as possible.

Maps can be downloaded and printed from the Wimborne Orienteers website or borrowed from the Sherborne Library or City Council offices.

Cllr Anne Hall of Sherborne City Council said: “The courses will encourage residents and visitors to get out into the local environment to see areas that wouldn’t normally be on their radar and having a connection to the outside environment brings many health benefits.”

The course was jointly funded by Public Health Dorset, Sherborne Market and Sherborne Town Council and with the help of residents from the Grove Patient Participation Group and in partnership with Wessex Orienteers, Wimborne Orienteers, Dorset Council Rangers and Sherborne Primary Care Network (PCN) .

Dino J. Dotson