Orienteering course: the key to unlocking physical activity throughout the course?

Enrich Education recently attended its first Schools & Academies fair at the NEC in Birmingham. Enrich Education is the largest provider of school guidance courses in the UK and this was the first national event Enrich has attended since the launch of the School guidance and outdoor learning center.

It is a remote interactive platform with over 200 interdisciplinary activity plans and supporting resources including math, English, science, phonetics, geography and OAA. It helps schools deliver 60 active minutes per day, contributes to an active recovery program, and is ideal for sustainable use of premium sports funding.

Enrich Education spoke to many schools and MAT during the two-day event and walked away with over 50 follow-up meetings and demonstrations booked.

What is orienteering?

Orienteering combines physical activity, map reading and problem solving. Participants use a map to navigate between a series of checkpoints. There are many, many variants of feasible routes, even on a simple orienteering map with a relatively small number of checkpoints.

Where to go orienteering?

Although orienteering is often associated with the great outdoors, the school and its surrounding grounds are a great place to get started with orienteering. Enrich Education provides all the infrastructure – high quality orientation beacons, tailor-made maps of the school site, advice and guidance, comprehensive staff training – to enable schools to establish orienteering as an essential component. and sustainable school life.

Why introduce orienteering in your school?

Orienteering is a great way to get kids active and outdoors, which benefits their physical and mental well-being. In addition to the physical challenge, children develop map reading skills, such as directional language and the interpretation of symbols and keys. Orienteering involves an important element of problem solving and also helps children develop communication and teamwork skills.

Orientation through the program

As well as being a fantastic way to improve a school’s physical education and play offering, orienteering offers excellent opportunities to enhance learning throughout the program. The Enrich Education Outdoor Orientation and Learning Center provides schools with access to over 200 learning activities, directly related to national curricula in Mathematics, English, Phonetics, Science, geography and physical education / games (OAA).

Easy-to-follow activity plans and resources provide teachers with everything they need to use their school’s orientation maps and markers to deliver fun, active, and imaginative learning activities throughout the course. program. The unique combinations of letters and numbers on the 15 Enrich orienteering markers ensure unlimited ability to use a school’s orienteering infrastructure in interdisciplinary learning.

The 10 phonetics and numeric control markers provide additional possibilities to integrate active learning in math and English to EYFS / KS1. Finally, schools can use the set of 10 interactive markers to create bespoke lessons and activities and their QR code technology offers learning opportunities related to events and celebrations, for example World Book Day.

Introduction to orienteering

The Enrich Education mapping team works with the school to create a range of professional, high-quality maps specific to the school grounds. The process begins with a remote ‘visit’ of the site to identify the best locations for control markers and any special requirements and features that the school wishes to include or exclude. This short reunion provides everything needed to create a high quality bespoke digital card set.

Schools can access all of their bespoke maps through the secure account page on the Enrich School Orienteering and Outdoor Learning Hub. All markers are made from high quality aluminum composite panels ensuring they are exceptionally hardwearing and durable. Enrich Education’s comprehensive training program, which schools can access online or deliver on-site, is endorsed by 1st4sport.

This CPD provides all staff with the confidence and knowledge to ensure that orienteering can be fully utilized throughout the school and across the curriculum.

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Diane R. Trussell