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Just days after Christmas, orienteers in Goulburn will be able to take part in one of the state’s biggest sporting events. The Christmas Five Days Carnival is an annual event organized by Orienteering NSW, which is expected to bring together up to 300 participants. Event organizer Colin Price said there would likely be a wide variety of demographics within those 300, including attendees between the ages of five and 85, as well as some with mobility impairments. “It’s very inclusive, we are reaching out to different age groups, men, women, some people even get around with a cane,” Price said. “If you’re slow, or unfit, or need a hip, you can still do that. I don’t see any other sport that is so diverse, it’s very inclusive. We have families, so people with it. who we run, their kids run with them, and their kids run too. So it’s been three generations, it’s just amazing. ” Over the course of the five days, the event will focus primarily on Mittagong, one of the days scheduled to take place in Campbelltown. There are around 100 orienteering runners registered currently, but Price expects more registrations to rush ahead as the event draws near. “Registrations close next week,” he said. “People leave it at the last minute, and they’re afraid of guns. Even though the borders are open, it’s just harder to commit to leaving. We expect the entries to come in the next few days. because we advertised a lot internally. ”Orienteering is a unique sport that requires participants to use a map and compass to complete routes in the bush, parks or built-up areas such as college campuses. They have to take the course like, “There are different lengths and difficulties of the course,” Price said. “So if you’re a newbie going with you, and you could be there for your first event, or on your 500th, you have a starting location and the courses are set, so depending on the difficulty you choose, you go through one course to control one, then control two and so on until you finish. “There are about 11 different routes depending on difficulty. ”The aptly named Highlands provide an ideal location for orienteering, and Price believes participants will appreciate what the new location has to offer. “It’s a unique event, as it is five days in a row,” he said. “It’s very low-key, and because it’s summer, it’s traditionally early in the morning. We have an area, it’s called a suburban bush map. Then we have three bush maps, so you’re actually in the national park and then the last one is what we call a suburban event that takes place around a college. ”So it’s a diverse lineup of orienteering, which is why it’s is so appealing to people. “With what Orienteering NSW is hoping, hundreds of visitors will arrive in the later this month, the event will also benefit local businesses. As most of the events take place early in the morning, Price said many orienteers like to relax after they are done by finding a place to eat and shop. There will be a lot of people camping, Airbnb-ing and filling motels in the area, “he said . “It’s a pretty busy time and everyone wants to get away from it all.” The five-day Christmas carnival will take place from December 27 to 31. Did you know that the Goulburn Post now offers last minute alerts and a weekly email newsletter? Stay up to date with all the local news: sign up here.



Dino J. Dotson