ORIENTATION – Octavian Droobers wins individual and team gold at British Championships

Members of the OCTAVIAN Droobers Orienteering Club have won individual and team gold at the British Championships and British Relay Championships.

Alistair Landels became British champion after winning the 9.4km long M50 course, which had a staggering 450m ascent, in a time of 68 minutes and 5 seconds in Liphook, Hampshire.

Podium places were also achieved by other members: Lesley Ross second in 69.33 minutes on the 6.5 km W55 course, Sheila Carey second in 61.02 minutes on the 4.1 km W75 course , Barry Elkington third in 66.09 minutes on the 7.1km M65 course and Anne Straube third in 85.09 minutes on the 8km W45 course.

Elsewhere, Nadine Wright was first on the 9.2km W21 Long course in 107.43 minutes.

And there was also success for the Droobers at the British Relay Championships in the same region as Juliette Soulard, Straube and Liz Phillips were crowned champions in the W40 age class.

Podium places have also been awarded to: Philip Vokes, Duncan Birtwistle and Nathan Lawson, third in the men’s Premier race, David Lawson, Alistair Powell and Landels, third in the M40 and junior age category, Rupert Powell, Adam Landels and Max Straube-Roth, third in the M14 age group.

The next local event, ideal for newcomers, will take place at Coombe Abbey Country Park, near Coventry, on Wednesday April 13 and will start from 6pm to 6.45pm.

For more details on how to participate in this fun outdoor active sport, ideal for beginners, runners and families of all ages, you can visit the website at: www.octavian-droobers.org or send a email [email protected] or contact Karin Kirk on 01926 632189.

Dino J. Dotson