ORIENTATION – Octavian Droobers hosts the Euro City Race Tour event in Coventry city center

OCTAVIAN Droobers Orienteering Club held a very successful and popular event in Coventry city center as part of a major Orienteering weekend which included one in Birmingham.

Both events were part of the European Euro City Race Tour series, with the club welcoming over 400 participants from the UK and Europe to the prestigious meeting.

Several Droobers placed in the top 10 on numerous courses as Sheila Carey (W75) took just 31 minutes and 2 seconds to win the Women’s Hyper Vets 2.6 km course.

Fellow Droober Sue Bicknell was third in 42 minutes 47 seconds with Sue Hallett fifth in 44 minutes 57 seconds and Karin Kirk seventh in 46 minutes 45 seconds.

On the 5.22km women’s open course, Nadine Wright (W21) was fourth in 47:21 while Juliette Soulard (W50) was fifth in 46:57 on the 4.725km veteran women’s course.

Sam Leadley (U21) impressed finishing fifth on the longest 6.3km course and finished third in the Men’s Open class after finding 36 checkpoints in 43 minutes 55 seconds.

There was also a top 10 for David Lawson (M55) who finished ninth on the Men’s Super Vet 4.725km course with Barry Elkington (M65) fourth on the Men’s Ultra Vet 4.125km course in 35 minutes 59 seconds.

Droobers shone in the M75 class with Peter Carey third in 37:27, Mike Hampton sixth in 40:13 and Gerry Spalton 10th in 56:7 on the men’s 3.2km Hyper Vet course.

In juniors, Andrew Tang (M10) finished fifth in 36:17 with his younger brother Daniel seventh in 67:25 on the 1.8km young men’s junior course.

Newcomer James Silver (M35) enjoyed the 3.3 km course of the Explorer Tourist Trail as he finished first in 34 minutes 46 seconds.

And the Birmingham Euro City event took place the following day with Barry Elkington (M65) leading the Droobers into first place on the Ultravet Men course in 34min 29sec.

Carey (W75) then completed a weekend double by winning the women’s Hypervet course in 41 minutes 3 seconds with Karin Kirk second in 53 minutes 43 seconds.

And Leadley (M21) also continued her good form to place second on the Open Men course in 56 mins 15 seconds while Liz Phillips (W55) was second on the Supervet Womens course and A Tang (M10) third in 13 mins 47 seconds on the Young Men Juniors Course.

Organizer Phil Kirk praised the help received from club members and the support of Coventry University for the use of the sports center for the reception arena.

Competitors used a specially drawn, highly detailed map and had to successfully navigate the city center locating strategically placed checkpoints.

The results are available at: www.octavian-droobers.org and details of both events are at: www.heartofenglandurban.site

For more details on how to get involved in Orienteering, a fun outdoor active sport ideal for beginners, runners and families of all ages, visit the club’s website at: www.octavian- droobers.org or email: [email protected] or contact Karin Kirk on: 01926 632189.

Dino J. Dotson