O-Ringen Academy 2022 | International Orienteering Federation

The organizers of the O-Ringen Uppsala 2022, in collaboration with the PWT Academy and in cooperation with the IOF, are pleased to invite participants to the annual O-Ringen Academy, which will take place from July 25th to 30th , in connection with the O-Ringen in Uppsala, Sweden.

The Academy offers a unique opportunity for orienteering federations and interested individuals to work towards the development of the sport in their home countries. The idea behind O-Ringen Academy is, through the transfer of knowledge and experience, to develop the individual skills to be able to promote, organize and teach orienteering and at the same time participate in the biggest orienteering event. orientation to the world, O-Ringen.

The O-Ringen Academy is primarily aimed at participants from new and developing orienteering countries, where it is necessary to quickly acquire the skills and routines necessary to organize orienteering. However, we also welcome participants from established referral nations who wish to expand their knowledge base.

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The IOF Global Development Commission will provide financial support for participation in the O-Ringen Academy for applicants from a developing orienteering country or a country that is not yet a member of the IOF. Are you actively working on the development of orienteering in your country? Apply for the O-Ringen Academy Scholarship now!

You will find all the material here.

The application deadline is March 15.

Dino J. Dotson