McCall Center Receives Grant to Support “Adventure Recovery” Programs

TORRINGTON — The McCall Center for Behavioral Health recently received a grant from the Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation, expanding the facility’s continuum of care to include guided counseling based on outdoor adventure.

“McCall’s mission is to provide the highest quality care to each client in a way that meets their unique needs. The grant funding, in partnership with Adventure Recovery, will provide McCall’s clients with a unique service offering that will increase self-awareness, manage stress, and improve confidence and communication,” McCall officials said in a statement. .

“We are grateful to the Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation for their generosity and support. adventure recovery will provide clients with access to healing opportunities through goal-oriented adventure activities, enabling them to make new discoveries about themselves, learning that they are capable and worthy,” said Maria Coutant Skinner LCSW, CEO of the McCall Center for Behavioral Health and CNV Help, Inc.

According to McCall’s officials, there are several treatment approaches, and the most effective include a diverse offering of therapeutic modalities “that address the whole person and build a healthy, fulfilling, and joy-filled life.”

“Adventure recovery activities can help people process their thoughts and emotions outside of a clinical setting. They also provide the brain with a healthy way to experience risk. Studies also show that movement and l exercise are very beneficial for mental health. By participating in outdoor activities that broaden one’s perspective, people find positive ways of relating to themselves and others, as well as healthier habits, learning that they are capable and worthy of a life well lived,” Skinner said in a statement.

Guests will be offered the opportunity to participate in expert entertainment and supervised adventures such as: rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, snowboarding and skiing, orienteering, hiking and backpacking, mountain and road biking. Activities meeting the needs of the clientele will be offered to all hospital and residential clients. Treatment groups will be offered after all adventure recovery activities.

“Adventure Recovery is thrilled to offer outdoor recovery adventures at the McCall Center. This is very meaningful to us as it further demonstrates that evidence-based experiential interventions have a significant impact on recovery outcomes and overall mental health,” said Josh Flaherty, MSW, executive director of Adventure Recovery.

Dino J. Dotson