Malaga’s Alejandro Aguilar makes Spanish history in orienteering

Alejandro Aguilar, a map in hand, during the European Trail Orienteering Championships. / ON

The 23-year-old local, who competed in the European Trail Orienteering Championships in Finland, picked up a gold medal, a first for his country in this particular sport.

Malaga’s Alejandro Aguilar won Spain’s first-ever track orienteering gold medal at the European Track Orienteering Championships, which took place May 25-29 in Espoo, Spain. Finland.

Aguilar’s feat, which was impressive given that track orienteering is usually practiced in Scandinavian countries, was a first for a Spaniard. He conquered the trail PreO category, which is an extremely technical discipline in which the physical aspect is greatly reduced.

The Andalusian competed in the P class, which is reserved for the physically disabled, which he won on both days of competition and two points ahead of his closest challengers.

In trail PréO, each competitor receives a card, on which several points are marked. Each marker must be identified on a set path, with the only limitations being to stick to the pre-determined course and not use more time than the maximum allowed.

A pleasant surprise

“I could have hoped for something considering what happened the previous days,” Aguilar said, referring to his victory in a warm-up competition. “Before traveling, the best thing I believed in was to outperform the other Spanish competitors. But from there to the gold medal… I can’t believe it. I still don’t Not understood.”

Aguilar, who suffers from hip and back pain due to an oversized femur that grazes his tendons, has been orienteering since he was ten years old.

His injuries got the better of him and he stopped in his late teens. However, at the University of Malaga, where he studies, he reconnected and it was there that he discovered the PreO trail, and he has been competing ever since.

Dino J. Dotson