Hundreds of Scouts descend on Wendover Woods for an orientation hike

More than 300 scouts from all over the Bucks descended on Wendover Woods on Sunday March 13 for a day of orientation.

Scouts of different ages were tasked with navigating three different courses.

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The 1st Winslow Cub Scouts, who set the fastest time

The Cub course was three kilometres, the Scout course was five kilometres, and the Explorers and Adult course was six kilometres.

A staggered start meant that each group left at slightly different times before weaving their way through the famous woods.

Participants were given maps and compasses to find their way and were encouraged to choose checkpoints along the way.

Scouts had to be careful as some checkpoints could be slightly off trail or hidden behind a tree.

The 1st Winslow Cub Scouts were the fastest home cub team. Finished in exactly 38 minutes.

Dave Emmett, event organizer, said, “It’s wonderful to see so many people participating in the event.

“To see them rush from the starting line with such enthusiasm is great.

“Seeing them cross the finish line with all their tickets punched out and with big smiles on their faces sums up the beautiful morning they all had.

“All participants should be very proud to have completed the course and tested their map and compass skills.”

Some youngsters shared their fun experiences of running through the woods.

Cub Scouts Roman Doherty and William Carson said, “Cub Scouts are fun, great and a great place to learn.

“We meet other people and have fun camping, going for walks and going into the woods. We do so many different things, it’s great and we have lots of adventures.”

Adult volunteer Nigel Taylor said, “Volunteering with the Scouts is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I learned new skills and was able to share some of my skills and knowledge with others.

“When a kid achieves something they didn’t think they could do, like roasting a marshmallow over an open fire or navigating the course today, it always warms the heart.”

Dino J. Dotson