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Leading the Estonian men’s team was the trio of Kristo Heinmann, Lauri Sild and Kenny Kivikas.

“It was a good, easy start, because it was possible to orient yourself with the others. Unfortunately, at some point, a mistake was made and we suffered,” said Heinmann, who raced the heat. opening for Estonia. However, Heinmann was disappointed after failing to make a smooth transfer to Lauri Sild for the second leg which ultimately had a negative impact on the team’s performance.

Sild made no mistakes during his transfer, although he admitted he could have pushed harder during the stint but was feeling the effects of taking part in the short course stage the day before .

“I think I put in a good consistent performance in the second leg,” Sild said. “I didn’t take any risks, I got off to a good start. I could have attacked harder, but I didn’t have more in my legs today. There was so much forest on the little course,” explained Sild.

Kivikas said that halfway through the race he realized things were going well and the fight for the top spot was well underway.

“I was just trying to do my best and halfway through I could hear that everything was going pretty well and we were fighting for fourth to sixth with the others, and in the end we came in fifth” , said Kivikas.

The Estonian Men’s Orienteering Relay Team Source: BE MISTAKEN

The Estonian women’s team included Marianne Haug, Eleri Hirv and Evely Kaasik. Haug, who raced in the first leg for Estonia, said his decision to compete was made after a lengthy discussion within the squad the night before.

“It’s been a very difficult few days for me because I couldn’t sleep at night. We had a very long discussion last night about the order of the teams and who would run. In the end it was decided I race, and after that I set myself the goal of a technically stable performance,” said Haug.

Eleri Hirv was generally pleased with her performance in the relay. “I tried to give my best, as always. Technically I put in a good performance, but as it’s the fourth day of racing, I’m quite tired. Overall, I was satisfied,” said Hirv after the race.

Evely Kaasik added that the wild cheering from the home crowd helped the Estonian team a lot.

“The race yesterday gave me a lot of confidence to run well today,” said Kaasik. “I went into the woods feeling very confident and that’s why I ended up doing well. I made a big mistake at one point and could see my competitors closing in. (However) , when I saw that Denmark were there I realized that (we were) probably (in) a fight for the top places. I didn’t believe in the top 6 at that time, but the wild cheering of the home crowd took me to seventh place and (then), in the end, I managed to finish sixth,” Kaasik said.

The 2022 IOF European Orienteering Championships took place in the forests around Rakvere in Lääne-Viru County between Wednesday and Sunday last week.

163 men and 128 women, from 31 countries registered for the event, took place on a course through the forest landscape of Põlula, just east of Rakvere, difficult to cross due to its thick vegetation and its unevenness complex.

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Dino J. Dotson