Henry County Wins National Junior Orienteering Championship | Sports

McDONOUGH — After a two-day event at the U.S. Junior – All Service (Army-Navy-Air Force-Marine JROTC) Interscholastic National Orienteering Championships, Henry County won the title.

After finishing second overall on the first day of competition in five categories, the program sped it all up on the second day of competition. On the final day, the Warhawk team faced a longer course than expected.

With a program that was able to finish second at the Navy Nationals earlier in the year, the Warhawks have worked to maintain their focus on long runs like the one they were given during the championships.

The varsity team made a major comeback to defeat the reigning varsity high school championship team Cambridge High School and win the title.

“Having only won once at this high level in 2016, it’s truly a joy to capture the biggest category of them at the interscholastic level in our country,” said science instructor David Moss. naval. “And for the sixth straight year, the Henry County – AAS Orienteering Team returned as the National Champion as the top JROTC and High School Orienteering Team in America.”

The Warhawks were able to finish first in four of the five possible team categories. The Warhawks finished first in the varsity category as well as the junior varsity category.

The Warhawks also finished second in the intermediate category.

“It’s been one of our toughest seasons as we’ve played against much improved home teams throughout the regular season,” Moss said. “Competition has only helped us to elevate and strengthen the desire to fight for our goals.”

Dino J. Dotson