Hamburg rallies behind the new Skatepark

The city of Hamburg seems to be about to get a new skatepark. New York State Assemblyman Jonathan D. Rivera and State Senator Sean Ryan announced, as part of State and Municipal Grants (SAM) allocations from the Assembly of the NYS, that the Hamburg Skatepark project would receive $50,000 in grants.

The idea for the skatepark was born thanks to Hamburg locals Tim and Charity Carrig, who, while buying a skateboard for their novice but enthusiastic son, suddenly realized that there were no skateboarding facilities. suitable casters nearby where he could practice.

The Skatepark Project, formerly the Tony Hawk Foundation, is a national non-profit organization that promotes healthy, active lifestyles for children.

Luckily, the Carrigs heard about the Skatepark Project’s “Built to Play” program (in partnership with the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation) which helps fund playgrounds and skate parks in Western New York and the southeast Michigan. Before long, the basic elements of a 10,000 square foot concrete skatepark were in place.

In order to bring the skatepark to fruition, a matching grant in the amount of $250,000 has been awarded, meaning that organizers and supporters have until April 30 to raise the matching funds. The $50,000 SAM grant will go a long way to bolstering the effort, which is now gaining momentum. Going forward, an additional $190,000 is needed to get the skatepark off the ground, which would be located in Electric Park.

State Senator Sean Ryan said, “Recreational activities play a key role in the healthy development of our children and young adults, and skateboarding is a great way for kids to stay active. Since the founding of the Hamburg Skatepark Project, the Carrigs have worked hard to ensure that children in Hamburg will have a safe place to skate for years to come. With support from the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation and this $50,000 grant secured by Assemblyman Rivera, their hard work is well on its way to paying off for the Hamburg community.

The Skatepark Project provides technical assistance and funds to build high-quality skateparks in low-income areas. Since 2002, he’s helped build over 500 skate parks in all 50 states.

Assemblyman Rivera said, “The city of Hamburg and its people have outgrown the current amenities offered to its skateboarding and in-line skating community. This grant will contribute to the creation of a brand new park in which new generations of Hamburg residents can enjoy recreational opportunities in a safe, appropriate and designated space.

Jim Boyle, Vice President of Programs for the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation, said, “It’s amazing to see the Hamburg community – from the Carrig family to Assemblyman Rivera – coming together and working working together to make this new skatepark a reality. The mental and physical benefits of the game for young people are clear and more important than ever today. We’re proud to help accelerate these projects across the region through our Built to Play match and partnership with the experts at The Skatepark Project.

Trevor Staples, Head of Built to Play for The Skatepark Project, said: “For the past three years, community advocates and volunteers from the city of Hamburg have been working to build a permanent skatepark to help young people to be more active. The Hamburg Skatepark project has nurtured local, regional and state relationships to ensure this recreational facility reflects the communities it will serve. We at The Skatepark Project and Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation are proud to be partners in this endeavor and are excited to come skate once it is complete!

Dino J. Dotson