Final qualifications for the 2022 World Games

The final criteria to determine the regional qualification spots for the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, have now been decided. Based on the Orientation Federation League tables as of January 1, 2022, the following additional national teams have qualified to compete in World Games competitions in sprint, middle distance and sprint relay, with 2 men and 2 women each.

  • Australia – Oceania Region
  • Brazil – South America Region
  • Hong Kong – Asia Region

With these final qualifications, the starting places of the 40 men and 40 women authorized to participate are now fully allocated. See the list of countries and qualified athletes on the International World Games Association website

National teams must accept the assigned team and personal places by making a preliminary nominative registration as of March 31, 2022.

In addition to these final qualifications, the IOF has determined the following 5 male and 5 female athletes as reserves in case the allocated starting places are not to be used.

Men Women
1. Algirdas Bartekevicius (LTU) 1. Ana Isabel Toledo (ESP)
2. Timo Sild (EST) 2. Carlotta Scalet (ITA)
3. Ricardo Scalet (ITA) 3. Zsofia Sarkozy (HUN)
4. Eduardo Gil Marcos (ESP) 4. Kristina Ivanova (BUL)
5. Oleksandr Kratov (UKR) 5. Kaste Rutkauskaite (LTU)

For reference, here are the full qualifying rules for the 2022 World Games and the previous TWG 2022 qualifying article.

Dino J. Dotson