ESOC: Russians dominate Day 1

The European SkiO Championships (ESOC) started today with the Sprint race, and the new European Champions are both Russians: Marina Viatkina with a victory at 1 second and Vladislav Kiselev ahead at 11 seconds; he is also the current Sprint World Champion. As in the past two years in championship events, the Russian team showed strength from depth – this time winning a clean sweep of medals!

Kartola in southern Bulgaria provided 20-50cm deep snow and clear weather with a light breeze for this first competition which, as usual with Sprint, was fast and furious on 2 courses, 4 km (12 posts) and 2.8 km (15) for women and men respectively. The men’s race came first, and local prospect Stanimir Belomazhev performed well but finished just 8 seconds from a medal. A remarkable run by Eduard Krennikov, 48, earned him silver today, showing he is still close to his best physically and mentally. Sergey Gorlanov took bronze, ten seconds slower than Khrennikov. The Russian team did well with 6 of their team in the top 10.

Gold at the SkiO U23 Sprint World Championships was won by Russian Igor Linkevich who placed 8and In the race; silver medalist Jørgen Baklid of Norway was just 5 seconds slower, and bronze medalist Artemiy Dorma of Russia was still 13 seconds slower.

Swedish prospect Magdalena Olsson did not start the women’s race today, and it was world champion Daisy Kudre of Estonia who came closest to the Russians in the lead. She finished fourth, 6 seconds from a medal. Olesia Riazanova, 21, was 1 second from gold in second place; along with winner Marina Viatkina, she is an U23 athlete and so they also won gold and silver at the U23 Sprint Championships. The ESOC bronze medalist is Tatiana Oborina, who finished 6 seconds behind the winner, while the U23 bronze goes to Judita Traubaite, Lithuania, 11and-placed in the race. Russian women did even better than men – 7 athletes in the top 10 results.

First results, ESOC Sprint


  1. Marina Vyatkina RUS 15:21
  2. Olesia Ryazanova RUS 15:22
  3. Tatyana Oborina RUS 15:27
  4. Daisy Kudre EST 15:33
  5. Alena Trapeznikova RUS 15:41
  6. Mariya Kechkina RUS 15:52


  1. Vladislav Kiselev RUS 14:52
  2. Eduard Khrennikov RUS 15:03
  3. Sergei Gorlanov RUS 15:23
  4. Stanimir Belomajev BUL 15:31
  5. Gion Schnyder SUI 15:38

6= Andrei Lamov RUS & Rasmus Wickbom SWE 15:51

Best results, U23 Championships


  1. Marina Vyatkina RUS 15:21
  2. Olesia Ryazanova RUS 15:22
  3. Judita Traubaite LTU 17:05
  4. Eliane Deiniger SUI 18:04
  5. Synne Strand NOR 19:02
  6. Kristin Melby Jacobsen NOR 19:15


  1. Igor Linkevich RUS 16:01
  2. Jorgen Baklid NOR 16:06
  3. Artemiy Dorma RUS 16:19
  4. Nikolai Taran RUS 16:53
  5. Aapo Viippola END 16:59
  6. Eskil Froisland NOR 17:02

Dino J. Dotson