ESOC relay: double gold for Russia

Russia triumphed in the women’s and men’s relay races today, with Sweden and Norway each taking silver and bronze. The Russian women won by 1.45, but with their second team just 2 seconds off the winning time, and their men won by 0.38.

Men’s Mass Start Photos: Per Frost

On the men’s side, Russia 1 with the very solid team of Vladislav Kiselev, Sergey Gorlanov and Andrei Lamov led all the way. Sweden 1 went from stage four in stage one to second after stage two, 0.38 behind the lead, but it was Norway’s Jørgen Baklid who continued the fine form he showed all the week and brought silver to the Norwegian team, finishing over half an hour. minute ahead of Sweden’s Linus Rapp. Finland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland complete the podiums.

Russia 2 (Alena Trapeznikova) came in first at the change after the first stage of the women’s race, with Russia 1 third, at 1.57. In Stage 2, Marina Viatkina for Russia 1 was very fast and took the lead by 1.34 over Sweden 1, with Russia 2 now third. In the final stage, Maria Kechkina raced steadily to secure victory for Russia 1, while Russia 2 (Tatiana Oborina) caught up to finish just 2 seconds behind. Lisa Larsen skied well to hold Sweden in silver medal position, and Norway clinched bronze, another 3.56 behind. Estonia, Finland and Switzerland were the next 3 nations to finish.

First results, ESOC Relay


Gold – Russia (Olesia Riazanova, Marina Viatkina, Maria Kechkina) 80:25

Silver – Sweden (Evelina Wickbom, Linda Lindkvist, Lisa Larsen) 82:10

Bronze – Norway (Anew Sofie Krogh, Evine Westli Andersen, Ana Ulvensøen) 86:06

  1. Estonia 86:16
  2. Finland 89:10
  3. Switzerland 91:36


Gold – Russia (Vladislav Kiselev, Sergey Gorlanov, Andrei Lamov) 79:59

Silver – Norway (Isak Jonsson, Audun Heimdal, Jørgen Baklid) 80:37

Bronze – Sweden (Erik Blomgren, Rasmus Wickbom, Linus Rapp) 81:24

  1. Finland 84:04
  2. Czech Republic 87:29
  3. Switzerland 89:21

Dino J. Dotson