Elgin’s Cooper Park hosts Scottish Orienteering Urban League event led by Moravian Orienteers

The surroundings of the park replaced the woodland scenes for orienteers involved in Moray’s latest event.

Orienteering at Elgin’s Cooper Park.

Moravian Orienteers hosted a SOUL (Scottish Orienteering Urban League) event at Elgin’s Cooper Park

The site provided a safe place for people to come and try the sport.

Looking for new members, Moravian managed to join two new families.

Classes were well planned with junior classes taking place in the park while others passed through central Elgin. Some were even able to use an escalator on their route.

This combination of open parks and intricate alleys led to questionable route choice, keeping orienteers on their toes.

On Sunday, neighboring Moravian club INVOC (Inverness Orienteering Club) held an SOL (Scottish Orienteering League) event in the technical woods of Anagach.

The wood is in the middle of the bog with knee-deep heather to add to the challenge making it physically challenging. However, on this cool fall day, many orienteers found joy in leaping into these woods.

The double orienteering, both within an hour of each other, meant many spent a weekend staying up north to compete.

The most successful Moravian family were the Howards, with Sophie winning W16 on Saturday and W14 on Sunday. His sister Anna won W12 on Saturday.

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Dino J. Dotson