Dedication to the orientation course | Community

After the completion of a scout project, the Municipality of Pecan Grove Public Service District is now trying to publicize the new Orienteering Course at Pecan Grove Park at 800 Pitts Road.

Orienteering lessons, also known as compass/GPS navigation lessons, are often required for members of Boy Scouts and BSA Scouts.

However, the closest courses were previously only at Stephen F. Austin and Brazos Bend State Parks.

Not only are these two locations often flooded, but admission is required to enter and includes a drive that is usually too long for a quick after-school trip, the MUD said.

To provide a solution, in 2017, 17-year-old Boy Scout and Pecan Grove resident Jonah Haven of TX Troop 732 pitched his idea for an orienteering course at Pecan Grove Park as part of his project Eagle Scout to members of the MUD Board of Directors, who endorsed it.

The construction lasted a little over a year.

“It was a team effort, but I have to say it was inspiring to see Jonah work so hard on this. [project]said Chuck Bertrand, assistant vice president of Pecan Grove MUD, noting that Haven designed and installed the orientation course.

The project was sponsored by local engineering firm BGE Inc., which provided surveying services.

“This [course] is not only beneficial for scouts, but for anyone who wants to try sailing.

The course includes 22 hidden markers and seven different “find and seek” versions of the course that can accommodate different ages and experience levels.

Distances vary from under 600 meters to 1.2 miles, and a secret message can be found and deciphered on three of the courses.

Several of the courses also have ‘treasure hunting’ features known as geo-caches.

MUD’s board “is delighted to inform the public of the existence of this course as it is a great way for people to have fun outdoors,” said Bertrand.

To complete the courses, a participant will need navigation tools such as a map, compass or GPS. GPS apps on a smartphone can also be used.

Dino J. Dotson