Chelsea Education Foundation opens scholarship application window

In 2021, the Chelsea Education Foundation (CEF) awarded over $34,000 in scholarships to students for their outstanding academic performance and community service. Since 1990, more than 975 students have received CEF scholarships to pursue their educational goals. The CEF is offering 15 scholarships to Chelsea High School graduates and/or current students living in the Chelsea School District, and is accepting applications until April 4, 2022.

Lynn Fox, Chair of the Board of the Chelsea Education Foundation, said that “the organization has been fortunate to receive funding for various scholarships. Individuals and business owners have allowed the CEF to act as a relay to help students in the Chelsea region pursue their studies. Endowments established for CEF-funded scholarships have grown over the past 32 years of the organization’s existence. These endowments are important to our ability to provide scholarships to graduates heading to universities, trade schools, and community colleges.

Many scholarships honor members of the Chelsea community, including the Joseph Piasecki Memorial Scholarship, named for the superintendent of the Chelsea School District who started CEF in 1990. The Joel Gentz ​​Memorial Leadership and Service Scholarship bears the name of Gentz, a 2002 Chelsea high and air school. Force lieutenant who died on a rescue mission.

Other scholarships are career-specific. The Chelsea Family Dentistry Scholarship and the Mary Merkel Memorial Nursing Scholarship are for students pursuing a degree in a healthcare field. The Chelsea Rod and Gun Club Scholarship is for students interested in hunting, fishing, conservation, shooting sports, or other outdoor pursuits. As the name suggests, the CEF ACE (Accounting, Computer Science, and Engineering) Scholarship is open to candidates pursuing a degree in any of these fields.

While many scholarships are for traditional four-year university students, CEF is pleased to offer the CEF Continuing Education Scholarship, designed for non-traditional students or students already enrolled in a degree program, rather than a newly graduated graduate. Additionally, scholarships are available for students pursuing a career in a skilled trade or skilled training, such as the Chelsea Education Foundation Academic Scholarship and the Brian McGrath Memorial Scholarship.

The application process is simple, and Fox encourages applicants to check the Foundation’s website to see what is available. The deadline is April 4, 2022. And then the review process begins.

“We have a wonderful group of scholarship reviewers who rank every essay,” Fox said.

“I would say you never know what will stand out in an essay that scores high on one essay versus another. Reviewers do not know who owns the essay they are reading since all identifying information is redacted. »

Fox says the best part of the whole process is Class Night, the night the scholarships are announced.

“It’s gratifying to read thank you notes that show how much impact a scholarship can have on a student.”

Scholarships offered by the Chelsea Education Foundation

Full scholarship information is available on the CEF website:

  • The Joseph Piasecki Memorial Scholarship
  • Chelsea Education Foundation Academic Scholarship
  • Chelsea Education Foundation Community Service Scholarship
  • Chelsea Education Foundation ACE Scholarship (Accounting, Computer Science or Engineering)
  • The Jillian Lea Drow Memorial Scholarship
  • The Brian McGrath Memorial Scholarship
  • The Chelsea Rod and Gun Club Scholarship
  • The Robert W. Wagner Engineering Fellowship
  • The Judith Lynn Wagner Owens Teaching Fellowship
  • The Mary Merkel Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • The Doris Schumacher/A. Henry Schumacher Memorial Scholarship
  • CEF Continuing Education Scholarship for Non-Traditional or Returning Students
  • The Joel Gentz ​​Memorial Leadership and Service Scholarship
  • Women in Finance Scholarship
  • Chelsea Family Dentistry Fellowship

CEF scholarship recipient Jack Krugh and Chelsea High School teacher Chris Orlandi

Photo courtesy of Rachel Krugh


The Chelsea Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Organized in 1990, CEF’s mission is to enhance the educational experiences of the Chelsea School District by funding projects beyond district resources and providing scholarships to district graduates. Since its inception, more than 46,000 students have received benefits from the foundation, 600 grant programs have been funded, ranging from art installations to robotics programs, and more than 900 scholarships have been awarded to outstanding students.

Dino J. Dotson