Celebrating the first forestry orientation event of the season – Yukon News

Fifty-five participants took part in the first forestry event of the 2022 Yukon orienteering season on May 25.

The event took place in the Long Lake map area behind Whitehorse General Hospital. The area is best known in orienteering circles for its “kame and kettle topography”. This means many depressions. The event area is also criss-crossed with vehicle tracks and trails, making navigation and route selection difficult. The area was first mapped in 1985 and has been revised several times since.

There was a good attendance at all the courses. The event results show close racing on all courses with seconds separating some participants.

Beginner: 2km

Eric Embacher 24:50

Leigh Anne Baker, Eila Blattmann 35:07

Barbara, Aven, Fisher Scheck 38:31

Maud Henaff, Lise, Jasper Klein 43:11

Sarah Johnson Carl Hire 47:02

Sheila Markley, Eric Thompson 49:37

Maura Glenn, Elvira Knaack DNF

Intermediate: 2.5 km

Jeremy Johnson 19:04

Peter Hire 30:21

Glenda Ko 30:23

Phineas Pearson 31:47

Ian Turcotte 41:33

Debbie Kiemele 49:49

Lenore Morris, Sheri Hogeboom 50:35

Joan Stanton, Bob, Emily Nishikawa 50:44

Martin Slama 58:06

Shravan Adiyodi 58:21

Karin Keeley-Eriksson 59:46

Nesta Leduc 61:48

Craig Brooks 72:48

Rowena Beckett, Richard Vanderkley 83:15

Ev Pasichnyk, Karen Archbell 88:48

Advanced: 3.5 km

Bob Sagar 45:13

Judith Van Gulick 48:02

Virginie Sarrazin 51:38

Carl Turcotte 52:00

Grant Abbott 59:41

Rima Kouri 61:10

Lara Melnik 64:32

Jill Pangman 76:06

Rachel Moser, Evan Wise 77:05

Kristina Gardner 78:09

Julianna Scramstead81:42

Long Advanced: 4.6 km

Colin Abbott 33:58

Pearson Forest 37:36

Brent Langbakk 41:06

Benoit Turcotte 51:10

Pia Blake 54:07

Caelan McLean 54:23

Riel Allain 58:36

Beatrice Sanguino 62:40

Darren Holcombe 71:30

The next orienteering will even take place on June 8, the first of a series of three Yukon championships. Admission is open to all with a $5 annual subscription. See yukonorienteering.ca for details.

Report provided by event organizer Afan Jones.

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Dino J. Dotson