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I’m constantly amazed by the number of interesting bands and clubs I meet at WNY. I’m talking about teams that specialize in distinct skills and practices, whether they’re pigeon enthusiasts or camera fanatics.

Just today I learned that there is an Orienteering Club in Buffalo, which organizes events for members, including tandem rides with like-minded entities throughout WNY.

On Sunday, May 1, the Buffalo Orienteering Club will host an event in Delaware Park (near the History Museum) in conjunction with the 9th Annual Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival. Not only will the experience provide insight into the world of orienteering, but it will also serve as an introduction to the club itself.

Orienteering is an organized sport for people of all ages that involves navigating a course by hiking or running through forests and fields from one checkpoint to another. It can be a competitive race of navigational skills and physical speed, or simply a hike through the countryside with the added fun of finding the checkpoints, which are known as control points in orienteering. The basics can be learned easily, but you can spend a lifetime honing your skills.

“It’s a great activity for families and individuals alike,” said Rob Reeves, president of the Buffalo Orienteering Club. “For the May Day event, two courses will be available. One is 3 miles long and the other 2 miles long. Participants can expect to take between 30 minutes and an hour to complete their course, depending on whether they are walking or running.

Everyone is welcome to attend the event and instructions will be provided to newcomers.

The event starts at 11 a.m. near the History Museum. Online pre-registration is required. The entry fee is only $10 per person and there are additional discounts for children and teens.

More information and a link to register is available on the Buffalo Orienteering Club website: www.buffalo-orienteering.org.

See the Facebook event

Main image courtesy of the Buffalo Orienteering Club

Dino J. Dotson