Berry orientation challenge 11 December open to all | South Coast Registry

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Few sports can claim to be as stimulating for the mind as it is for the body – but orienteering is for all ages, especially kids and families looking for challenges. The goal of the Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers is to promote and organize orienteering events in the Illawarra / South Coast region. The club-based organization seeks to expand its membership base by introducing non-guidance counselors to the sport. And it starts on Saturday December 11 in Berry, with the group organizing an orienteering race in and around the canton. Read more: The group aims to stage a fun and enjoyable experience in the urban environment or in the traditional form of orienteering in natural forests and bush. Orienteering is a sport that requires participants to run and navigate through forest or urban terrain using natural or man-made features to navigate to checkpoints on a marked course drawn on their map. Difficulty levels are also provided allowing individuals to choose a course that suits their skills and fitness level. No special equipment or clothing is required, but clothing should be cool and comfortable, and jogging shoes are recommended. For the orienteering race in Berry on December 11, all you have to do is show up between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. at the pavilion, which is located on the west side of the Berry Showground. Registration is done the same day and tuition fees will be covered. You will receive a detailed orientation map of the Canton of Berry and its surroundings which looks a lot like a street directory with your chosen route printed on it. As long as you can read a street directory, you won’t have any problems. Everyone is welcome to come and try their hand at orienteering and at the same time sneak through the streets and wide open spaces of beautiful Berry. Parking is inside the exhibition grounds (west side), access from Albany Street and the park immediately north of the pool. Look for the club flag next to the northeast side of the pavilion. Three courses will be offered that day: a 5.6 km long course, a 3.4 km medium course and a 1.3 km short course for children. (be careful, children under 10 must be accompanied by a supervising adult). For more information contact Keith Jay on 0433 390595 or visit the Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers website at


Dino J. Dotson