ACT guidance league deadlocked during lockdown | Canberra time

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Canberra’s lockdown has left the closest ACT Guidance League season in history to a knife edge. Grant Bluett and Matt Crane were deadlocked on 670 points when last week’s lockdown announcement in Canberra put an indefinite halt to all local sports in the territory. The ACT middle and long distance championships, scheduled for this weekend, were to decide the title. The OACT does not have a countdown system that can decide the title, given the unprecedented circumstances created by the lockdown. Organizers hope the title can be decided after the lockdown, but will have to negotiate with other state-based leagues to avoid a scheduling conflict. Despite the suspended season, Bluett still had reason to celebrate this week, which marked the 20th anniversary of his winning the first-ever gold medal in the orienteering competition at the 2021 World Games in Japan. “It was the biggest achievement of my orienteering career, it felt like all those years of hard work had paid off,” Bluett said. “It’s just kind of fun now, 20 years ago it was my job and now I just do local competitions around Canberra, mainly because my kids and my partner are starting to get into it.” Bluett finished narrowly ahead of Crane in the final round at Picaree Hill. Less than 10 seconds separated the pair on corrected times, with Bluett’s adjusted six minutes and 14.99 seconds earning him first place in the event. Tomas Krajaca finished third at Picaree Hill, while Grace Crane, sixth, was the top hen.


Dino J. Dotson