A race on the water starts on August 23

August 16, 2022


/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – From August 23 to 25, the first official One Water Race will take place. One Water Race is the toughest endurance race in the world. The race has attracted a lot of attention and the best endurance athletes in the world travel to Stockholm to challenge all physical and mental limits and run 250 kilometers, non-stop, through the entire Stockholm archipelago, from north to south. . The aim is a recurring annual race to draw attention to the urgent climate situation for our seas and waters.

One Water Race is a unique racing format that has been established as the toughest endurance race in the world. The race attracted the best long-distance athletes in the world, which emphasizes the race, the Stockholm archipelago and the important issue of water.

– We want to create a new era in climate activation, and through running and the world’s best athletes, we have a fantastic opportunity to shine a light on Sweden, the Stockholm archipelago and our global water. The race is created to be the toughest race in the world in every way. The distance, the combination of running, swimming, orienteering as well as the forces of the weather with cold, dark August nights make the race quite unique. It’s the ultimate challenge to human ability and even though we have the world’s elite athletes in place, we don’t know how many teams will manage to complete the full distance to Landsort, says Thomas Ogander, initiator and founder of One Course d’eau.

Eight mixed teams selected from around the world will run from Arholma to Landsort in the Stockholm archipelago running, swimming and orienteering non-stop – a total distance of 250 kilometers (equivalent to 6 marathons), where competitors choose their own route. On August 23 at 07:00, the race starts in Arholma and the arrival is scheduled for August 25 on the island of Landsort.

– One Water Race will be one of the toughest races I will ever do. It’s so unique and unlike anything anyone has done before and it’s going to be a huge effort,” said Rob Preston, world number two adventure racer, Team 8 Australia.

– Teamwork is essential in this type of long distance race. There is a famous saying: If you want to run fast, do it yourself. If you want to go far, do it together. One Water Race is a race in time, says Daniel Hansson Team 4 Sweden & Australia.

The teams are made up of three athletes and a support team, who actively compete along the course. The following teams are participating in the race: Team 1 (USA), Team 2 (Sweden), Team 3 (USA), Team 4 (Sweden/Australia), Team 5 (South America), Team 6 (Sweden), Team 7 (USA) and Team 8 (Australia).

One Water Race takes place during World Water Week, August 23-25, when the Stockholm Water Prize is awarded by HM King Carl XVI Gustaf along with the Stockholm Water Junior Prize and Baltic Sea Day. All activities contribute to this by collectively drawing attention to the issue of water.

One Water Race is a concept adapted to the digital world and focused on content. The race is a media produced with state-of-the-art technology and broadcast in real time via web and social media platforms around the world. In collaboration with the production company story fire, a documentary is also being produced for global streaming services. From August 23 to 25, the race can be followed live on www.onewaterrace.com and on social networks.

One Water Race – Composition of the teams from August 23 to 25, 2022:

Team 1 – United States: Jarrod Shoemaker (captain), Kristin Smith, Misty Becerra and Sara McLarty

Team 2 – Sweden: Staffan Björklund (captain), Johanna Edman, Martin Flinta and Richard Norlin.

Team 3 – United States: Jason Magness (captain), Chris Wright, Renee Metivier and Timothy Gorbold.

Team 4 – Sweden & Australia: Daniel Hansson (captain), Adriel Young and Kristin Larsson.

Team 5 – South America: Ruben Manduré (captain), Douglas Elias da Costa, Fredrica Frontini, Thiago Bonini.

Team 6 – Sweden: George Bjälkemo, Helena Sivertsson and Pontus Lindberg – WITHDRAWAL FOR INJURY.

Team 7 – United States: Brett Gravlin (captain), Justin Smith, Lara Sloan.

Team 8 – Australia: Rob Preston (captain), Elizabeth Dornom, Glenn Wilkinson and Julian Dent.

About a race on the water

Behind the One Water Race is the initiator Thomas Ogander with the One Water Foundation and the “Fossil-free archipelago” initiative, which has the ambition to lead the development and establishment of a modern infrastructure adapted to the environment for the marine environment, starting with the Archipelago of Stockholm.

The main partner is the Stockholm Archipelago, a collaboration for sustainable tourism between seven municipalities in the archipelago, Visit Stockholm, the Archipelago Foundation and the Region of Stockholm. One Water Race is also organized in collaboration with Expedition Baltic Sea and Briggen Tre Kronor, who strive to save the Baltic Sea by raising awareness among young people and the public. The aim of the race is to take long-distance sports and climate activation to a whole new level that reaches a wide target group – locally, globally and digitally – through media and innovative technology.

About One Water Foundation

One Water is an independent foundation that acts as a catalyst to advance the climate issue of our waters and oceans for the benefit of all stakeholders. The foundation works with Sweden and the Stockholm Archipelago as a starting point and creates the context needed to spark attention and concrete change through the One Water Race and the “Fossil-free Archipelago” initiative, whose ambition is to replace all obsolete petrol stations in the Stockholm Archipelago with unmanned fossil-free petrol stations by 2026. The first fossil-free petrol station opened in July 2022 in Lidingö.

The “Archipelago without Fossils” initiative is unique in its kind and is based on the creation of collaboration between several actors: government authorities, the business world and the market, who must together fight and work for the necessary changes and a concrete result. oriented development. The aim is for the Stockholm archipelago to become fossil-free, to be an example of the progressive environmental development of marine environments in several regions of Sweden and to influence the outside world and future generations.

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