2022 Digital IOF High Level Event Seminar

On Friday and Saturday, the first weekend of February, the IOF Foot Orientation Commission held the High Level Event Seminar for the 14th time – after initial plans for an HLES in person, in a digital format using MS Teams. The seminar, which primarily targets nominated organisers, potential future organizers and key people involved in IOF’s high profile events, including already appointed IOF Senior Advisors and Deputy Assistants, normally attracts around 60 participants. . With the Seminar becoming digital and condensed into an evening and a morning instead of an entire weekend, we were able to welcome 110 participants from 39 countries on 5 continents and representing the 4 disciplines of orienteering.

The seminar opened with introductory speeches from new IOF CEO Henrik Eliasson and new IOF General Secretary Sondre Sande Gullord, followed by 11 further presentations ranging from the organization of WMOC 2021 in extremely short deadlines to the requirements of the timing system for television production. . The highlight of the seminar was stories from WOC 2021 Sporting Director Daniel Wolf about WOC 2021.

All videos are available here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCToob94o4U0GWwZyldCsbvg

After a year without international competitions, 2021 once again offered stunning stories from our top-level events, which we were able to relive and learn from in this top-level events digital seminar.– concludes Áron Less, chairman of the IOF Foot Orientation Commission.

Dino J. Dotson